We released: The Happiest Fish

We are happy to released our first mobile and online web game: The Happiest fish. The Happiest Fish is a Flappy bird style adventure game with mobile arcade style! You must try to eat all the food yellow coins and avoid all the seaweeds to get points. Also avoid all the walls and floor! If you are quick, you can earn extra points by eating foods.

Control: Mouse click/mobile tap to swim;
Esc: back to menu;
Space to Pause.

Have fun and happy swimming!

Where to play?
We have not released this game on Google Play yet, but until that you can play from 2 online game distributors with this game until we will release it officially on Google Play.

Please read GameDistribution and Gamemonetize Terms of Use and Privacy politcy to embe games from them and not from us. You can add it to your website for free form here:



Happy play!